Coder Bootcamp

Contribution Guide

  1. Look for improvements, bugs and changes for this blog.
  2. Create a GitLab account. You can also create with existing GitHub, Google and Twitter accounts.
  3. Before working on the changes, create an issue on the issue board for discussion.
  4. Click here to create a new issue.
  5. Write the title about what you would like to change in the project.
  6. Write a detailed description of the change.
  7. Select an appropriate label.
  8. Submit the issue.
  9. The project maintainer may start the discussion to know more about the changes.
  10. It the issue gets approved, you can start working on the changes.

Why you need an issue first?

The issue board is a transparent layer between the project maintainer and contributors. Some contributions may not align with project goals and working on them without prior acknowledgement from the maintainer is not a healthy workflow because the time and effort of the contributors should be appreciated.

How to make code changes after getting approval?

  1. Fork the project. This will create your copy of the project.
  2. Clone it locally.
  3. Install gridsome globally npm install --global @gridsome/cli
  4. Go to the project folder and install the dependencies npm install
  5. Start local server gridsome develop
  6. View the project on browser localhost:8080
  7. Commit your changes to your repo.
  8. Create a pull request to the develop branch.

The project is built with Gridsome which is powered by Vue. Gridsome Docs, Vue Docs

Guide in development...